Saveurs – Stave 12

The stave 12 is the new product of the Saveurs oak range for oenology, resulting from several years of research and experience of the Tonnellerie Saury on French oak. Created in 2018, Saveurs offers 5 different types of products: granulates, chips, blocks, zig-zags and staves, including the 12mm stave, which complement the range which was contained until now a 7mm stave and a 18mm or thick stave.

The 12mm stave is made from French oak of stave quality, from a 100% Centre France blend from our stave mills and cooperages and aged in open air for at least 18 months.

Stave 12 finds its place between Stave 7 and Stave 18 on medium-long maturation. Its oenological and aromatic contribution enhances the wines for an ageing period of 8 to 12 months.


Saveurs offers 3 specific recipes (called Blend*) based on toast blends (convection oven) offering the possibility to orient the maturation of wines towards one of the following objectives:

Blend 1: Blend of light and medium toast

Fruit, tannic structure, freshness


Blend 2: Blend of medium and long toast

Vanilla, roundness, sweetness


Blend 3: Blend of long and medium+ toast

Ripe fruit, toasted notes, thickness


These 3 recipes can be adapted to any type of wine.

It is also possible to opt for staves that have benefited from a standard toasting: light, medium, medium+, medium-long.

Finesse, thickness in the mouth, sweetness, and quality of the tannins are the main assets of the Saveurs range.


For more information about the Saveurs range of oak products for oenology: – – Tel: + 33 (0) 556 936 936

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