Tonnellerie Saury has been developing very demanding control and analysis criteria for several years. From the selection of woods to delivery to the cellars, each of the manufacturing steps is accredited by the certifications obtained by Tonnellerie Saury. Thanks to the partnership with the Laboratoire Exact, COFRAC certified, Saury barrels benefit from a complete chain of analyzes, for the search of contaminants. Wood, environment, shipping containers, water and air, among others, are analyzed.

100% PEFC French oak
100% integrated into suply of french oak for staves
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
HACCP since 2008
Complete traceability from the forest to the barrel
Guaranteed French Origin Products
Bureau Veritas recognition of the French origin of oak trees : N°BV/102-1/RE
Bureau Veritas recognition of the length of natural aging of the french oak staves
Complete HA / HP analyzes
Preventive analyzes of all containers