Quality charter

Over the years, Tonnellerie Saury has developed very demanding control and analysis criteria.

From the woods selection to delivery to cellars, each of the manufacturing steps is accredited by the certifications obtained by Tonnellerie Saury.

Thanks to the partnership with Laboratoire Exact Saury barrels benefit from a complete chain of analyzes, for the contaminants search.

Wood, environment, shipping containers, water and air, among others, are analyzed.




When it comes to oak sourcing, Tonnellerie Saury relies on a unique resource: the Charlois group.

By purchasing logs from the Office National des Forêts (which manages forest ecosystems and guarantees forest bio-diversity preservation) and from responsible private owners, the Charlois group has been committed to sustainable management for several decades and selects oak trees that will enable it to produce high-quality staves.

The group subscribes to principles of forest preservation and material traceability.

Since 2004, it has been PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. This certification guarantees that no more trees are harvested than the forest produces.

All Saury oak barrels have an unique traceability number.

Each harvested tree is identified to certify its origin, and thanks to a 100% autonomous supply of French oak and fully integrated production, Tonnellerie Saury has complete control over the raw materials used in its production.

The stavewood used for Saury oak barrels has been exposed to natural, open-air ageing in pollution-free yards.

A Saury oak barrel undergoes strict controls at every key stage in its manufacture. To begin with, the choice of origin and wood assembly are registered. Its manufacturing processes in general, and its toasting in particular, are notified.

These few steps will ensure maximum reproducibility in the future.