Tonnellerie Saury boasts a unit dedicated to the design and manufacture of tanks and casks.

Over the decades, Tonnellerie Saury has acquired the ancestral know-how and tradition of excellence required for vats and casks manufacture.

Based in Petite Champagne since 1870, in Cognac’s controlled designation of origin zone, our coopers have the skills needed to meet the most demanding specifications.

From the choice of raw materials to the cellar installation of these prestigious products, nothing is left to chance.

The conception of Saury tanks is adapted to each demand, whether for vinification
or maturation of wines or spirits, thanks to a wide range of specific and unique accessories.


Each tank is a unique product through which the personality of the user will express itself. Whether intended for wine, spirits, fermentation or maturing, closed or open top, for French or foreign vineyards, our master cask makers are able to meet our clients’ expectations perfectly, with all the right accessories.


The conception of Saury casks is adapted to every request, as well as for the vinification or the ageing of wines or spirits.


Thanks to a very wide range of specific and unique accessories, Tonnellerie Saury has the possibility of adapting every tank and casks to the specifications of its customers.