A new range of Saury barrels named AMPLITUDE!

Coopering is an art where nothing is left to chance. The union between wood and wine is sacred, as is the relationship between the winemaker and the cooper. Tonnellerie Saury has commissioned the coopers at Tonnellerie Vlad (a Charlois cooperage in Romania) to create a unique barrel from the finest oaks of Transylvania’s forests. Wine is a jewel, and Saury offers it a new setting: Amplitude.

Exceptional wood
Good barrels start with good oak. Romania is a country of forests, covering about 27% of the land area, with hardwoods occupying 70% of the forested area, including 20% sessile oaks, benefiting from sustainable and high-quality forestry practices comparable to those in France. The oaks selected by Tonnellerie Vlad provide stave wood of exceptional quality, with a very fine grain. Their geographic characteristics bring subtle aromatic notes, with nuances of freshness and spice, remaining very discreet. The oaks used for Amplitude barrels are among the finest specimens in Europe, benefiting from the influence of the famous 45th parallel, a latitude also known for producing great wines.

Coopers’ expertise serving winemakers and wines
The expertise of the coopers at Tonnellerie Vlad adds real value to the production of Amplitude barrels, complementing over twenty years of experience in their own forestry/stave mill, Transilvania Bois. Mastery of production processes ensures total control over the oak raw material. From the selection of staves, air-dried for a minimum of 20 to 24 months, to the traditional fire preheating technique for barrel bending, and the diversity of toasting levels using oak offcuts, each step in the making of an Amplitude barrel is a blend of precision and expertise.

A range for all needs
The Amplitude range offers a variety of models to meet the demands of winemakers and their wines for the perfect alliance. Custom-made barrels for Saury with standard capacities of 225 and 228 liters, up to 300, 400, or 500 liters, with toasting levels adapted to the winemakers’ needs, bringing complex aromas to the wines while respecting the fruit and the grape variety.

Amplitude is the ideal barrel for aging white wines, with light and gentle toasting, it will bring tension and floral characteristics, highlighting the full expression of the grape varieties. For red wines, Amplitude will add volume and breadth to the wine, enhancing the mid-palate and adding length.

The Amplitude range, combined with different toasting levels, will reveal subtle aromas and add structure to your wines, while respecting the fruit and the terroir.

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