Since the adoption, severel years ago, of an operating mode based on ethical and sustainable practices, Charlois group systematically integrates social, economic and envitonmental concerns in its philanthropic actions aimed at civil societies or caritative actions. Charlois group is also socially and culturally concerned about transmitting and promoting the exceptional know-how of its craftsmen and employees.

This CSR approach, instilled by Sylvain Charlois, is implemented within each house of the group. Tonnellerie Saury thus, works to apply the group’s CSR commitments while participating in its development through a team fully involved in sustainable development issues.

Thanks to an inventory carried out in 2018, Charlois Entreprise Responsable site was put online in March 2019. This site provides information on the group’s various commitments in terms of sustainable development, both at the environmental, social, economic and territorial level. In October 2019, to go further and structure this approach, Sylvain Charlois created a CSR committee, made up of 8 members, 4 men and 4 women, chosen in particular for their complementary skills / experiences and their motivations on the subject.

To find out more about our CSR commitments and Charlois group’s reforestation program, visit the website: