To meet winemakers expectations, Saury cooperage enriches its offer with a range of oak for enology : « Saveurs » ; a clear organoleptic answer for wine aging intended to be consumed younger.

Together with its R&D department and its internal laboratory, Saury Cooperage brings forward the main organoleptic and aromatic profiles requested by winemakers, thanks to various blends of toasting and shapes of the offered products :

–       Staves

–       Blocks

–       Zig- zag

–       Chips

All these products are issued from staves from great French forest naturally seasoned in the open air for 24 months.

The three aromatic profils are available in three blends :

–       Light and medium toasts : fruit respect, tannic structure, sweetness

–       Medium and heavy toasts : vanilla flavour, roundness, sweetness

–       Heavy and medium + toasts : mature fruits, roasted notes, deep

For any order or further information, thank you to contact Saury commercial teams.