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The three Saury ranges

Premium range

Exclusively made with certified French oak, selected for the perfect finesse of its grain, which staves will be dried for more than 36 months, Premium barrel is an exceptional barrel for exceptional wines.

Because it is rigorously and patiently crafted by our coopers, the Premium barrel enjoys an unrivalled elegance which will be found in the breeding of your high-class wines with strong added value.

Classic range

Classic barrel became a world reference for all the demanding wine growers whose quality remains the Master word.

Made with certified French oak exclusively and selected for the finesse of its grain which staves will be dried for 24 months minimum.

Qualitive obsession and the care of our coopers make of it a barrel of a very large constancy which will always respect the personality of the wine, its fruit, thus contributing to its future generosity.

It is particularly intended for the long traditional breeding and will give the best of its expression at the end of the breeding.

Aromatic Range

Aromatic barrel is exclusively made with certified French oak, selected for the perfect finesse of its grain. The staves will be dried from 20 to 24 months minimum, Aromatic barrel develops its flavours quickly, helping to bring out the fruity qualities and the flexibility of the tannins.

Ideal for demanding wine growers, Aromatic barrel is particularly adapted to 9 to 12 months breeding.

The barrels

Our barrel of Exception

Vinification integrale

Tested since 2002, Vinification Intégrale process has been strongly developed, improved and simplified to become a reference.

It enables to obtain all round and powerful wine, more complex, with more aromatic precision and silky finish.

Tonnellerie Saury is a sole supplier of this equipment.


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Tanks and casks

Tonnellerie Saury has been making traditional barrels since 1873 as well as running a unit dedicated to the design and production of oak casks and tanks for over thirty years. The knowledge and experience acquired over the decades ensure skill in the artisanal practices and tradition of excellence that are required in the manufacturing of casks and tanks.

Based in Cognac, in the cradle of French cooperage, where skills are passed down from father to son, craftsmen coopers have all the necessary skills to meet the most demanding client specifications.


Each tank is a unique product through which the personality of the user will express itself. Whether intended for wine, spirits, fermentation or maturing, closed or open top, for French or foreign vineyards, our master cask makers are able to meet our clients’ expectations perfectly, with all the right accessories.


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The conception of Saury casks is adapted to every request, as well as for the vinification or the ageing of wines or spirits.


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Thanks to a very wide range of specific and unique accessories, Tonnellerie Saury has the possibility of adapting every tank and casks to the specifications of its customers.


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